1. If you are wanting to love Kathak and have it become a part of you... this is the place to come to learn. Pooja takes you on the journey to learn and love the dance form. She is a teacher who is passionate about the dance form and makes this passion do the teaching. She is dedicated not only to teach the students of all ages but also for making them learn at their speed and will work with you to make it your own style.Meghana Dhupar (Kathak student , March 2019)
  2. Ragas is a great place to learn Kathak. Pooja is very passionate and helps us perfection every step. She encourages us to learn new steps. Thanks Pooja Malvika Ramadurai (Kathak student , February 2019)
  3. I’ve been wanting to learn kathak ever since I was a kid, but somehow never got the chance. When my daughter turned 9, I decided that this was something we should both do - learn kathak together. And Ragas made this dream come true! Pooja is an extremely patient kathak guru who adapts her teaching style to the students needs. Her knowledge of the dance form coupled with immense grace makes her the perfect guru and inspiration for us students. Me and my daughter thoroughly enjoy our kathak class and look forward to it every week! Urmi Hulyalkar ( Kathak student, December 2018)
  4. Ragas has a great learning environment with a Teacher who is immensely passionate about everything she does. To be able to learn Indian Classical music in a foreign land in itself is a great achievement for me. I feel thankful to Ms Pooja Gupta to have created such a platform where I can learn and do something I have always wanted to.
    by Jyoti Basral (Vocal student, February 2017)
  5. It has been a wonderful experience to learn music at Ragas Institute with Pooja. Not only is she an accomplished singer and dancer but a capable and patient teacher as well (and a lovely person). She creates an enjoyable learning environment while challenging each student to try harder at his/her own pace and knows how to deal with students from different age groups. The sense of community that the students feel is quite obvious at each session. I really enjoyed the student concert last year and am looking forward to the next one this year with eager anticipation!
    by Manisha Sethi (Vocal student, Jan 2014)
  6. It has been an amazing experience to learn music with RAGAS. Pooja Gupta is a very skilful and helpful teacher although she still manages to be strict wherever quality of music been compromised. RAGAS have given me a right direction to raise my first step towards being a professional musician perhaps in future. Singing have always been my hobby but technically knowing the music is far more different than just singing a song. It gave me ability to judge my singing capability.
    by Parvinder Singh (Vocal student , Jan,2014)
  7. As a dance enthusiast, for many years I searched for a Kathak dance school in Melbourne but with no avail. I eventually came across a few dance schools in and even briefly travelled to India to attend a short course. But unfortunately, I didn�t quite find my fit and comfortableness- I didn�t feel as though I was learning. And then, I found Ragas Institute.
    I have been attending Ragas Institute for almost a year now and feel as though I have finally found what I was looking for over the years. Pooja is a graceful and inspirational dancer, one can only dream of one day dancing like her. Within the year that I have been learning Kathak under Pooja�s guidance, I have established a close student teacher bond and am comfortable asking her any questions. Due to this two-way communication, I feel as though I have learnt more from Pooja than any other dance teacher. She is understanding and patient, and although I attend group classes, divides her attention and focuses on each individual student�s weaknesses.
    The aspect of learning Kathak from Ragas Institute that I most enjoy the most is the authenticity in which Pooja teaches and the atmosphere she creates. I know in traditional India, students either attended their guru�s homes or vice versa, none of this dance studio practice. At Ragas, we learn in Pooja�s home which in turn creates an authentic atmosphere and traditional environment. From what we are required to wear, to her teaching methods, you will feel as though you are back in India.
    As a Bhangra dancer who usually jumps around boyishly, Pooja has returned the femininity and grace into my life. I would highly recommend her classes and institute to anyone who wants to learn and I mean actually learn, not just robotically dance to Kathak.
    by Chanelle Singh ( Kathak Student , Jan 2014)
  8. Learning Kathak and vocal from Pooja is fun. She is very talented, confident and cheerful person. She makes us comfortable and make the sessions enjoyable at the same time giving all the neccasary guidance to make each session worthwhile. The day i met Pooja for the first time I realised that she is the guru who can fulfil my lifelong dream of learning Kathak. I am very happy and enjoy every session whether Kathak or Vocal at Ragas Institute with Pooja and can strongely recommend Pooja as a teacher for anyone who has true yearning to learn dance or music
    by Vandana Varma ( Kathak student, Jan 2014 )
  9. Pooja is knowledgeable and professional. She is serious about practice and technique, while maintaining a humorous and personable approach to her lessons. Students who listen to her and take her advice will achieve high levels of accomplishment.
    by Amanjit Gill ( Kathak Student, Jan 2014)
  10. Pooja is a gifted teacher. She is encouraging but very honest. She makes it clear when I have made a mistake and often makes my weaknesses the focus of the lesson. As a student I find her honesty and persistence very helpful. She enjoys throwing her students in the deep end, so to speak. If I havenft practiced enough I get a bit scared, but we always end up laughing during the lesson. Music has been part of her daily routine since early childhood and when I attend her lessons I can tell that I'm in the presence of someone that is part of a long tradition that can be traced back through her father to many generations ago. Teachers like Pooja are hard to find in Australia. I always leave my lesson with a feeling of excitement. I have to drive 50 minutes each way to my lesson but it's worth it.
    by Kishore Ryan (Vocal Student , Oct 2013)
  11. We are very lucky to have found Ragas academy for our 11 yr old son, Neil. Pooja is a highly qualified, patient and loving teacher. Best thing is, she writes the music and interacts in English with Neil, because his Hindi is quite poor. Neil eagerly looks forward to her music lesson! Thank you,Pooja.
    by Harini & Utpal Maru ( Parents of Neil, vocal student. Sept,2013)
  12. Ragas institute is a great place for learning dancing and singing. Here you get an insight of Indian Classical heritage as our teacher is a fine example of such qualities herself. From her you can gain many knowledge of the art form. I am a Kathak dance student and I started off knowing nothing about it and after several months I find myself getting ready for my first stage performance so you can understand how good our teacher is. She is very inspirational and we learn here in a very homely environment which is far from commercial. Thats my favourite aspect of Ragas.
    by Rashna Ali ( Kathak Student, Sept 2013)
  13. Pooja is extremely through with her students and focuses on well rounded learning- swar, laya, taal, across a wide range of compositions. Not only that, she also looks at ways and provides opportunities so that students can gain the confidence to sing in front of an audience. Pooja is amazing at understanding the nature and ability of her student and molds the lesson to suit the individual. The most important thing is, my 5 yr old loves her lessons and looks forward to them. Her budding interest in music is slowing turning into a passion. Thanks Pooja!
    by Devna Dayal ( Parent of Devyani Dayal, vocal student. Sept 2013)
  14. Raagas is the Place where I Enjoy learning Hindustani Music ,and what can i tell about Pooja Ji ,she is great at teaching techniques and she is very patient, supportive, and helped me in progress as I was struggling to learn ,She showed me techniques to use to overcome various problems with breathing,Pitching etc.i feel blessed to learn Hindustani Music at Raagas.
    by Naresh Gattu (Vocal student ,January 2013)
  15. "Music lessons at Raga Institute are extremely knowledgeable. I have experienced a lot of fun and energy and I can see a lot of effort has been put into these classes by Pooja ji.Ridhima"
    by Ridhima Aggarwal (Vocal student - January 2013)
  16. My daughter Prathyusha learning Hindustani classical music from last 7 months As a Teacher Pooja is well experienced , patient and skillful in Hindustani music and Kathak she quickly scans the student and understands the need my daughter is enjoying learning music sessions and she is progressing really good she is now ready to perform on the stage we parents also enjoying while our daughter sings in house and in music sessions we feel proud I really recommend students to take advantage of learning in Ragas institute we feel very lucky to find ragas music institute in Melbourne. Thanks Pooja for your valuable guidance and teaching
    by Srinivas Rangachar (Father of Pratyusha ,Vocal Student -Oct 2012)
  17. Elegance, modesty and the majesty of sheer poetry are the ingredients of classical Hindustani music. Pooja Gupta, who is a proponent of both the dance and vocal forms of the art, is a skilful and passionate teacher who embodies the spirit of classical Hindustani music. She is dedicated to bringing out the best in her students. I find both pain and joy in her classes. Pain, because she stretches you to your limit. Joy, when you hit the right note and the right form, when as a sheer novice you suddenly discover yourself doing the unimaginable. In that one moment, you feel you've touched the feet of the ancient masters and for that, you're grateful Pooja Gupta exists and she isn't teaching Bollywood bellydancing!
    by Elizabeth L (a grateful non-Indian) vocal music student
  18. Experienced and qualified teacher who understands the need of each individual student. I am highly impressed and delighted to find such a institute and the teacher here in Melbourne. I have found my singing technique is drastically improving with your guidance. Thank you Mrs Pooja Gupta for all your support.
    by Samir Dhungel - vocal music student
  19. My daughter goes to Pooja for learning Hindustani classical singing, she has a very good knowledge of classical music, which is very obvious from the lessons imparted to my little one. On top of that she is very patient with kids when teaching and my kid really waits to meet her for class. I have already recommended my friends to take their kids to Pooja for singing and kathak.
    by Mehul Trivedi ( Father of Sanika Trivedi, vocal music student)
  20. My daughter has been learning Hindustani classical from Pooja for the last 2 years. She is learning Swars, Alaap with bhajans and other songs and can sing very well. Pooja is a great teacher with a beautiful voice and if you love Hindustani classical or would love to learn Hindustani music, you will really enjoy learning from Pooja this beautiful talent. Pooja makes the class very enjoyable and pushes you to perfection. She makes the learning process beautiful and interesting for you to keep coming back to.
    By Alpa Nangia ( Mother of Anika Deshmukh, vocal music student)
  21. I have been learning kathak with Pooja now for almost two years. It has been an awesome experience! I used to learn Kathak before, but when I started learning with Pooja, I realised how much my teacher before had let slide. With Pooja, she does not let anything slide and she pushes and encourages you to be the best dancer possible - paying attention to the technical details, as well as the added value like expressions and style. I am definitely a better dancer in these past two years than ever before...
    By Sejal Shah ( Kathak dance student)
  22. I have been a Bharatnatyam dancer in past and due to the difference between the 2 forms of Indian classical dances - Kathak and Bharatnatyam it gets very challenging at times to adapt to the style of Kathak dancing but a fantastic teacher like Pooja makes it all easy and deals with tonnes of patience. Pooja has a greater attention to detail, is very patient, positive & jovial teacher. I am very fortunate to have found a talented teacher like Pooja and perhaps having several priorities, my Kathak class is one thing I look forward to during the week! :):) Honestly, I am looking forward to learn heaps from Pooja.
    By Nisha Trivedi ( Kathak Dance student )
  23. I believe I have a good knowledge of music, especially classical Sri Lankan music. I also have a deep desire to learn classical Indian music. I set on course to search for a teacher with a very good knowledge of Indian music, so I could learn different styles of Hindustani music and expand my vocal ability and Hindi pronunciation. I met Pooja in 2011. Pooja immediately realised my musical abilities and assessed my skill level and tailored a training program to achieve my objectives. In such a short period I have seen great improvements in my musical ability and the training has fuelled my drive to learn more and more. Pooja�s knowledge of music is exceptional. Her teaching style is very professional, always prepared and delivers the clearly defined content in friendly manner. Most importantly she always gives honest feedback. It is a pleasure to learn from Pooja and I am grateful to learn from such a skilful master.
    By Kanchana Sandamali Perera ( August 2012 )
  24. My daughter goes to Pooja for learning Hindustani classical music for last 1 year. Pooja is a good teacher and she has a very good knowledge of classical music. She is very patience with kids and makes the class interesting as well and pushing the student to perfection. I would recommend to her who loves Hindusthani Classical music.
    By Bhaswati Dasgupta ( Mother of Diya Dasgupta, vocal music student )
  25. "Ragas is truly an epitome of classical and traditional learning. All kudos to director Pooja, who with her endured skills and knowledge, has passionately contributed to the success of this centre. At Ragas, Pooja takes utmost care in imparting immaculate training in Classical Indian singing and dance (Kathak). Inheriting her skills from a renowned and highly professional lineage, she has trained students of varying age and diversity. I have been taking my kids to Ragas for over 3 years now, and every single time Pooja has made our learning experience a memorable one. I extend my best wishes and support to her for all her efforts in making Ragas what it is today. Hope she continues to pursue this effort and keeps us connected to our roots,culture and heritage."
    By Kanwarjeet Singh, Suprita, Daanish ( July 2012 )
  26. According to my knowledge I believe that RAGAS does a great job in encouraging talents and grooming them into perfectionists. It's really a great thing that we get an opportunity to learn and get trained in our own cultural dance and music even though we live in another different continent. As I said, although I live far away from India, the classes you provide motivates young and raw talents like me to polish ourselves in our own classical forms of arts. I am immensely happy and very much satisfied that I seriously do not mind travelling far distances like from reservoir to endeavor hills just to learn this art form. I have a feeling that its completely worth travelling distances like this (I have done just few classes though). Looking forward to more classes. Thank you.
    By Sahana Flora ( July 2012 )
  27. Well I can say the Ragas institute is great school for learning Indian classical music and dance. I did search other schools before joining but eventually I chose Ragas institute and I travel nearly 100km for my regular weekly class and it is worth it. The head of the institute, Pooja, has vast knowledge in regards to not only Indian classical music but dance as well. She is a multi talented teacher and looks after all the student individually as per their needs and ability. And this makes this school the favourite among present and future students. I have been with this school for last three months and I feel like I am on the right track and I have enhanced my skills to sing properly and with proper diction. Thanks Pooja for your support and guidance hope I will be able to receive the same in future.
    By Prabhdyal Bange ( July 2012 )
  28. "My daughter has been a student of Kathak under Ms. Pooja Gupta in Melbourne. I must say that it has been a wonderful experience to have my child learn under her. She is extremely professional and strives for perfectionism , at the same time ensuring the child enjoys does not Feel uncomfortable by the demanding dance routines."
    By Shikha ( Mother of Sagarika )